Emerging Tech

The PTR Group is an engineering services company specializing in embedded, real time and distributed system technologies.  These technologies are the backbone of most modern industrial, portable, network and communication systems and are used in virtually every industry worldwide. Our service offerings include software development, prototype development, consulting, and training to assist commercial companies and government agencies in realizing their embedded device development needs.


At The PTR Group, we have a passion for engineering, an appetite for learning, and a drive to stay in front of technology.

We pride ourselves on collaboratively pursuing the best solutions and leverage our culture that puts engineering curiosity and solutioning above individual acclaim.


The PTR Group has responded to the emerging evolution of the “Internet of Things” by identifying the next technical challenges to our customer’s competitive advantage.

We have furthered our role as thought leaders in our core competency of embedded software development techniques leveraging open-source platforms such as embedded Linux and Android.  This includes such diverse topics as virtualization, mesh networking, IPv6 networking, space robotics, and the movement to deeply-embedded ARM cores for mobile and distributed-sensor platforms.


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